WEll inspection

Life in the Arizona desert comes with a host of benefits—wide open spaces, fresh air, and a chance to reconnect with nature. Of course, there’s a catch—living off the grid makes it a little more difficult to get access to fresh, clean water. With the help of professionals like A-1 Arthur’s Well Service of Kingman, though, getting into the “flow” is not an insurmountable task.
With a wide variety of water well systems available, A-1 Arthur’s Well Service can install pump equipment for a water well on your land without breaking the bank. We also strive to maintain a working relationship to ensure you get the most from your water well system.
Most wells are low maintenance, operating with few problems. To ensure your water well system continues to offer you convenient, reliable access to safe water, regular well inspections are imperative. While there are steps you can take as a well owner to mitigate any major issues, scheduling a periodic professional inspection of your well ensures you will continue to see peak performance from your equipment. At A-1 Arthur’s Well Service, our experts are always on hand to provide complete and professional well inspections for all customers in our service area.

Inspecting the Costs of a Well Inspection

Several factors affect the cost of a well inspection. This includes whether the inspection is tied into any other service, the state of the local economy, and any required water testing. Water samples are crucial in verifying the water supply safety. Gathered samples are sent to a quality testing lab and can increase inspection costs, but the process can determine if there are dangerous contaminants in your water supply which could harm your family or livestock. A-1 Arthur’s Well Service is happy to offer free estimates. Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Who You Gonna Call?

Well, we don’t recommend Ghostbusters. Instead, for a quality well system inspection we only suggest contacting a professional service with experience in inspecting water well systems. These experts have the qualifications and knowledge to make sure your system is operating at peak efficiency and safety. A-1 Arthur’s Well Service is licensed, bonded, and insured. In addition, we have been installing and servicing water well systems in Mohave County since 1936, helping customers in Kingman, Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, Dolan Springs, Meadview, Hackberry, Mohave Valley, Wikieup, and Yucca.

What Can I Expect During a Well Inspection?

There are three major components to every well inspection: volume (GPM), the equipment, and the water quality. A thorough inspection will consider all the parts of the system, like the submersible pump, the storage tank, the seals, overflows, gaskets, and more to ensure your system can continue operating at peak efficiency. The inspector will focus on common issues that well owners may see, like low pressure, cloudy water, and evidence of rust, all of which can result in health issues for humans and livestock.
The second portion of the inspection requires water samples. Invisible contaminants such as arsenic, fluoride, E. coli, and sulfates can all cause health issues as well. Samples are forwarded to state-certified labs to determine if any of these contaminants are present. If anything hazardous is found, the inspector’s report will include this information and corrective action should be taken.
There are DIY water quality testing kits you can use to test your water. However, it should be noted that these kits vary in accuracy and may not be sufficient to satisfy insurance companies or lenders.

Keeping Your Well…Well, Well

To keep your well—well—well, be sure to adopt regular well maintenance. Our article on low water pressure provides a great routine to help avoid costly repairs and issues that sometimes plague well owners like low water pressure. Regularly scheduled inspections will also help circumvent major problems. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends checking your water for contaminants like coliform bacteria, nitrates, and dissolved solids, many of which can leach into groundwater if livestock is kept nearby. Specific events also warrant water testing: if you become aware of any peculiar odors or tastes associated with your water; if you’ve performed any recent repairs; or if you have a family member with compromised or immature immune systems are just a few of the instances that indicate water testing is a good idea.
There are also some common-sense guidelines to ensure the health and safety of your well between inspections. Of course, don’t store hazardous chemicals near your well system. Avoid keeping any animals or livestock near the system as well. Keep the wellhead free of plant growth, but also avoid employing pesticides to do so. It is also a good idea to touch base with a well service company after a natural disaster like a flood to make certain the well system’s integrity remains intact.
So, if you’re experiencing an issue with your well, like low water pressure, or are just properly maintaining the upkeep on your water well system, be sure to call on an experienced well inspector like A-1 Arthur’s Well Service. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff are ready to help you maintain your well’s performance and safety. If you’re in Kingman, Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, Dolan Springs, Meadview, Hackberry, Mohave Valley, Wikieup, or Yucca, let our well inspection service help you keep your well system well.