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Water Tanks


Maintaining water tanks on your property in Kingman, Bullhead City or Lake Havasu

One of the perks to sustainable living and maintaining your own energy and water sources is not having to haul your own water. Possessing water tanks on your property makes staying hydrated that much easier; one less thing to worry about while you are enjoying your time on your property.

The beauty of owning a water well stems from the fact that you may become even more self-sufficient, in that a storage tank and pressure pump really do all of the heavy lifting for you. Storage tanks can come in a variety of shapes and sizes; the purpose being a larger supply of water for the pumps to draw from.

A-1 Arthur’s Well Service is always there when you need tips, tricks or someone to come out.

Water well pumps are what maintain a consistent water supply in your system, telling the system to activate and draw from the storage tank when needed. Automatic liquid level controls are found floating within the system, telling the pump when to shut off and when to turn on. When the water level is low, the liquid level control activates the pump enabling it to pump water to the appropriate level. When the water level is just right, the liquid level control tells the pump to stop pumping water. The owner does none of the pumping; all you have to do is maintain the system. If you simply get to know your system and understand how it works you will wind up spending less on well repairs in the future. Of course, A-1 Arthur’s Well Service is always there when you need tips, tricks or someone to come out and make a diagnosis.


Are you in need of a water tank installation?

When it comes to maintaining your tanks, it is a fairly simple task. Occasionally take a look inside for sediment buildup at the bottom. It is important to be on the lookout for this, especially because it can end up in your household plumbing, possibly harboring bacteria. If you are ever in need of a hand to check on your water tanks, or are in need of water tank installation call us at A-1 Arthur’s Well Service for a Free Estimate.