Water Wells


Sometimes You Have To Create Accessibility to Water

A-1 Arthur’s Well Service knows that Water Wells are an essential component for those living in rural and other sparsely populated regions.

Living in this beautiful high desert region, we can find ourselves in a beautiful landscape that is all our own with hardly a neighbor in sight. It is fantastic to have such a place to ourselves, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and with nature in our own backyard. However, living on our own property leaves out one aspect of comfortable living: accessibility to water unless you have a water well. If there is no water service in your area, your options are to haul your own water, pay someone to haul water for you, or create a water well on your property.

The option of hauling your own water can become a nuisance if you are a busy individual, and hiring someone else to haul water for you can become extremely expensive. When it comes to hauling water, you must purchase your own tank, possess a large enough vehicle to hold the tank, seek out filling stations, and then drive to and from these stations; it can become annoying and pricey very quickly.  A budget-friendly and time-considerate option to hauling water is having a well on your own premises – convenience at its best.

Free Estimates for Construction, Service and Repair

Licensed, bonded and insured, A-1 Arthur’s Well Service out of Kingman, Arizona is the well service sure to keep you hydrated. Whether your property is served by grid power or through a solar, wind or engine-driven generator, Arthur’s is capable of providing you with the best build, service or repair. Offering free estimates, Arthur’s Well Service is extremely knowledgeable informing you of the product itself as well as proper care and maintenance. In order to price your system accurately we will need to know full details of the site in which the well is to be built. This detailed description must include well depth, static level, recovery rate, etc.; give us a call at 928-753-2048 or 928-757-9355 to set up an estimate date.


Incorporating Best Quality Water Well Pumps

Pumps are an integral part to a successful water well, and we only use the best. Featuring Goulds Pumps, the largest pump manufacturer in the world, we intend on providing only the best products for our clients. Water can only be found deep down within the Earth’s surface, this is why we must first come in to inspect the area to be penetrated. Most of the wells that we dig are drilled with a rotary drill rig, the shaft of this rig rotates as the sharp edges of the tip cut into surrounding rock. This drill rig is attached to a large truck with a tall mast, this truck stabilizes the drill rig. The entire depth of the drilled hole will be lined with a special PVC pipe while a steel casing s added to the surface.

Only attempting to steer our customers in the right direction, we focus on your needs and meet them. We were established in Mohave County in 1936 and you can now find us off of Railroad St. in Kingman, AZ. Offering complete water wells systems with impeccable water well service is the main goal of A-1 Arthur’s Well Service.