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Well Service


Well Service is a Primary Consideration for Independent Energy Living

Have you recently moved “off the grid”? It is a fantastic experience isn’t it? Being away from the big city, nestled neatly away in our beautiful high desert region. You have everything you could have asked for, except for water. Now is the time that you begin your search for a well service. Trust us, you won’t have to look far, not with A-1 Arthur’s Well Service by your side. We have been in the water-well service industry for over 70 years. Established in Mohave County in 1936, we know exactly what it takes to keep you hydrated in this dry desert.

At a glance, a water-well service system may seem complicated, however it is fairly simple. With a bored well, a submersible pump and motor installation, a string of pipe to carry the water to the surface of your well, wire to carry the electricity down to the Water Well Pumps and a pressure tank at the surface, you will have easy access to water in no time.

Reasonable Rates and Free Estimates

The drill we use to bore the well is attached to a truck; the entire rig is fairly large so be sure you have enough space for us when we begin the process. We give free estimates, but drilling costs vary on location and the specific needs of the property owner. In this area of Arizona, you can expect a price of roughly $16 per foot. Pricing can be lower or higher depending on site difficulty. However we have worked on numerous areas in this region, so an estimate would be in your best interest. You may also take a look at state records to compare pricing of wells drilled in similar or surrounding areas.


Safe-guarding Your Investment

The wells we offer require very little maintenance, however, remaining knowledgeable of this investment will help you in the long run. Keeping an eye on water quality, storage tanks, electrical controls, pressure tanks, well heads and surface plumbing, as well as your off-grid power system will aid in the determination of a problem earlier on, saving you money in the long run. Use of a Solar Water Pump is also a consideration.

Your well water and your storage tank should be consistently checked for bacteria, keeping the pressure tank out of the hot sun will prolong its life, be sure to keep your above-ground plastic plumbing shielded from the sun and keep an eye that your well heads are not being tampered with by animals. With age, it is possible to come across submersible and pressure tank failure and even freezing of your plumbing but if you know your system and keep an on it, you are much more likely to keep it in working order it for a longer period of time.

If you have any questions or would like to set up an inspection or ask about a free estimate, please do not hesitate to call A-1 Arthur’s Well Service at 757-WELL (9355) or at 928-753-2048. We are the well service company of choice in this area, and we keep it that way by assuring our customers’ happiness.