Water Well Pumps


Using The Best Quality Water Well Pumps Ensures Top Performance

Having a water well on your property is one of the best decisions you can make while living away from utility companies and water sources, and having the highest quality of water well pumps is in your best interest. A-1 Arthur’s Well Service acquires our special pumps for our water wells from Goulds Pumps. Goulds Pumps is one of the largest pump manufacturers in the world, producing the top leading line of water well pumps.


Two Basic Systems for Water Pumps

Installed while submerged in the water inside a casing, submersible pump lengths vary based on horsepower with higher-outputs needing a longer length. There are two types of pump systems, one is a single-pump system and the other is a two-pump system. A single-pump system consists of a submersible pump as well as a pressure tank while a two-pump system consists of a submersible pump, a storage tank, a pressure pump along with a pressure tank. A pressure pump is a required piece in the two-pump system. While the submersible pump fills up your storage tank the water must then be pressurized by a jet pump. These come in various sizes based on horsepower and can sometimes cause noise. While these pumps may be mounted on top of the pressure tank they can be kept in a separate location.

Pumps and motors go together like peas and carrots, so it is crucial that the combination be impeccable. The units themselves must be more powerful for deeper wells, while special models are used for off-grid power locations. The combination of pump and motor must be a satisfactory match, so that sufficient speeds and distances are maintained. A Solar Water Pump is also available as an energy efficient option.

Pump Savers Help Maintain Well Service

When maintaining water well pumps one should consider a pump saver. These are highly recommended devices as they monitor the electrical voltage as well as the current being used by the submersible pump. What the pump saver allows you to do is manage the current of the water level. If the current changes, indicating that the water level has dropped past the level of the pump, then the pump saver will automatically shut off the pump to prevent any damage from occurring. The pump saver is also recommended because it can prevent damage caused from low voltage and even electrical surges.

A well pump is extremely self-serving, as it can maintain the fullness of a tank. The pump is turned on and off with a liquid level control that is automatic. Installed within the storage tank, the control switch operates in an electrical relay to turn on the submersible pump when the water level in the tank drops below the desired setting. When the tank is full again to the proper level the system automatically shuts off the pump.

From free guidance, to free estimates, expert advice and high quality products including the best in water well pumps, and exceptional service; we are your ideal hydration station. A-1 Arthur’s Well Service of Kingman offers everything needed for a successful water well.