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Owning A Water Well Can Be More Cost Effective

Living on your own piece of property features numerous perks, the only drawback to it is having easy access to water. A-1 Arthur’s Well Service of Kingman can set you up with H20 on your property, quickly, easily and in a budget-friendly manner. Residential water-well systems come in a variety of styles and equipment used, however, no matter the variation, water-well systems are much less of a hassle than hauling your own water or compensating a delivery system.

Common System Used in Well Service

The more common system in our area usually consists of a bored well, a submersible pump and motor installed at the bottom of the well, a string of pipe to bring the water to the surface, wire to carry the electricity down to the pump and a pressure tank at the surface. If your area is not served by grid power, we can set up your water-well to operate on solar, wind or engine-driven generators. Occasionally, a generator may be used to power a system until a more long-term power system is arranged. Drilling and system costs vary on location, however we do offer free estimates during which we survey your needs as well as the area to be drilled. In order to price a system accurately, we here at A-1 must first know the details of the site including well depth, static level, recovery rate, etc.; most of this can be uncovered during inspection. Drilling is an intimidating word, but it sounds harsher than it truly is. It is an intensive process, however. In this area, water can only be found deep down within the surface of the Earth, so most wells are drilled with a rotating drill rig. While the shaft of the drill is the portion that rotates, the sharp edges on the tip are what slices into the rock. Drills used to bore these holes are anchored on large trucks, so it is pertinent that the area in which the well is to be placed be of decent size as well as an area where a power supply is nearby. It is likely that we have already drilled water-well systems in your area, and these locations will aid in determining how deep your well will go.

Water Wells are Low Maintenance

Another benefit to having access to your own water through a well system is the low maintenance required for upkeep. There are some problems that occasionally arise with age in these systems such as early submersible failure, pressure tank failure and even freezing; winter in the high desert is not always friendly. Several items to keep in mind include: water quality, storage tanks, electrical controls, pressure tanks, well heads or surface plumbing, and off-grid power systems. Maintaining these will ensure a consistently running device. Also, pursuing a familiarity with your system as well as its cycle and components are crucial. Being knowledgeable of your system will aid in recognizing problems early, and cause less damage as well as money saved in the long run. A-1 Arthur’s Well Service knows that Water Wells are an essential component for those living in rural and other sparsely populated regions. Contact us today for an estimate