If you’re living off-grid in the Arizona desert, you can expect a few things—the freedom of wide-open space, breathtaking sunsets, and a need for water. Residents of the arid Arizona desert country have several choices when it comes to supplying water to their homesteads. 

One option is to work with a reputable drilling company to drill a well on your homestead. A-1 Arthur’s Well Service knows just who to call. Another is to construct a rainwater catchment system. But for other desert dwellers, hauling water is the most viable option for ensuring you always have access to critical, life-sustaining water. 

Why Choose a Water Haul System?

Many desert homesteaders choose to install a well on their property to address their water needs. In some areas, however, a well is not an option due to high costs of deep digging or simply absence of adequate ground water. 

Rainwater catchment systems can provide another potential solution. Arizona experiences about twelve inches of annual rainfall, and that usually occurs in less than three months of the year. Collecting this water is a sustainable choice to meet off-grid water needs.  However, installation and continuous upkeep of these systems can be cost-prohibitive. Additionally, rainwater systems are also susceptible to germs, waterborne diseases, and other contaminants which could find their way into your water supply.

Another option is water hauling. Water haul systems use many of the same components that a traditional well system uses, but without the worry of low groundwater issues, or the potential contaminants that catchment systems can experience. 

How Do I Set Up a Water Haul System?

Homeowners that opt for water haul systems can start by contacting a qualified, licensed contractor, like A-1 Arthur’s Well Service, to install a storage tank on their property. Owners have the option of installing their tanks either above or below ground level. 

Once your equipment is in place, you need to contract with a local water hauling company to initially fill your tank and make regular deliveries. The frequency of these deliveries will, of course, depend on your homestead’s water usage habits. 

On average, most homes can use anywhere up to 450 gallons per day. Agricultural homesteads can reach much higher numbers. Your delivery company can help you monitor your consumption and more finely tune your deliveries once you’re underway. 

What Will a Water Haul System Cost?

Costs to install and maintain a water haul system will vary depending on your location and which water haul company you choose to contract. A-1 Arthur’s Well Service has knowledgeable and friendly staff on hand ready to assist homeowners install water haul systems in Kingman, Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, Dolan Springs, Meadview, Hackberry, Mohave Valley, WikieUp, or Yucca. We can also help you facilitate service with one of the many water haul services in the area. 

Arizona desert homesteaders have multiple options when it comes to supplying their homes with water. But for many, considerations of cost and maintenance make water haul systems the most prudent choice for off-grid living. If you live in Kingman, Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, Dolan Springs, Meadview, Hackberry, Mohave Valley, WikieUp, or Yucca, A-1 Arthur’s Well Service is ready to “haul” out our certified and efficient staff to help you set up your water haul system.