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Reliable water well system

Humans have employed wells for hundreds of years as water sources. With advances in technology, water wells have become even more efficient and reliable over time. Factors such as your landscape, the location of the aquifer, and even the type of well installed also play a part in the reliability of your well. With all these variables, finding the most reliable water well system can be challenging. That’s when a knowledgeable, professional company like A-1 Arthur’s Well Service can really help you “drill” into the deep subject of finding a company to drill your well and then determine the most reliable water well system that will serve you for years to come. 

Types of Wells

Whether you already live off the grid in Arizona’s arid high country, or you have plans to purchase a property where connection to a municipal water supply isn’t feasible, you will need a steady, reliable source of water. But not all wells are created equally. To choose the most reliable type of well for desert living, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with some key differences in the various types of wells.

Dug Wells

Traditionally, wells were excavated wholly by hand using manual tools. Today’s dug wells are usually excavated or bored with machinery and lined with concrete tile. Dug wells usually penetrate the top layer of the aquifer. Sometimes, they will just tap into a small perched water table. A water table like this sits above an aquifer. An impermeable soil layer typically separates the two. The drawback to dug wells lies with seasonal fluctuations in the water table. Extended dry spells can result in potentially unreliable water access as the table dries up. 

Driven Wells

Many homeowners look to driven wells as a reliable well system due to their economy compared to drilled wells. When there is groundwater located about 15-30 feet from the surface, these wells access water through a pipe driven through water-bearing sand or gravel above bedrock. The screened well point, typically affixed to the end of the pipe before driving, screens out unwanted sediments. A pitless adaptor is then connected to the discharge pipe, with a pump located within the home or in a dedicated pump house. The disadvantage of a driven well can come from its proximity to surface contaminants as it traditionally only accesses shallow water. 

Drilled or Bored Wells

Now, we come to perhaps the most common and reliable type of well you’ll find in Arizona—the drilled or bored well. Readily adaptable to most landscapes, the drilled well works especially well for desert homeowners looking for a reliable well system. 

A drilled well offers you ready accessibility to much-needed water as it often reaches beyond the aquifer’s waterline. This ensures that your well will typically have water, even during a drought. The durable, contamination-resistant construction also supports the reliability of drilled wells. The breadth of their diameter, too, allows them to draw more water from the aquifer. Finally, with their depth, drilled wells are ideally separated from most potential contaminants.

The well system experts at A-1 Arthur’s Well Service offer free estimates to help you assess your property and evaluate your needs. They know the best drilling company to connect you with and once your water well is drilled, A-1 Arthur’s Well Service can provide you with top-notch well system equipment that will bring you reliable performance for years. 

While you have multiple choices when it comes to which type of well system to install on your property, a drilled well gets top marks as the most reliable—just like A-1 Arthur’s Well Service. Homeowners in Kingman, Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, Dolan Springs, Meadview, Hackberry, Mohave Valley, WikieUp, or Yucca, will always find a reliable partner with A-1 Arthur’s Well Service. Give us a call today.