temporary construction water well system

Just about any type of construction project requires ready access to water. Temporary construction water setup needs can vary from fire safety to brewing a hot cup of joe to keep you going. While different projects may have different requirements, if you are building in the arid, non-municipal areas of Arizona’s high country, you must have a reliable temporary water solution until a more permanent means can be established. At Arthur’s A-1 Well Service, our courteous and efficient staff can help you design and install both your temporary and permanent water source solutions.

Pressure Tanks as a Temporary Water Construction Setup Solution

In the outlying areas of Arizona’s desert country, from Kingman to Havasu and beyond, limited access to the municipal water supply can provide a unique challenge to home builders who are in the beginning stages of new home and business construction. In urban areas, contractors can simply file the appropriate permits and tap into the city’s water line to provide necessary water to the site until a more permanent solution can be installed. That option is not always available to those choosing to establish homesteads in more rural zip codes. 

A typical temporary water solution A-1 Arthur’s Well Service continues to successfully provide its rural customers is a pressure tank system. This includes the installation of a pressure tank along with a well pump and associated pump controls. Pressure tanks are usually constructed of fiberglass or metal. They work in concert with a plumbing system to control water pressure.

What Is a Pressure Tank System

A pressure tank retains water typically collected from a well located on a property. Further, it ensures that water is delivered at the proper pressure, a key factor in providing reliable water flow at a construction site. The pressure tank functions by using the compressed air it contains to exert force upon the water. If a system were to be installed without a pressure tank, the water pump would continue a constant cycle of switching on and off. This would not only decrease the lifespan of your pump, but could cause unwanted cycling issues. 

Whether the intent is to supply potable water, serve as an irrigation source, or exists merely as a safety precaution against fire, a pressure tank system serves as a viable temporary solution to bring water to any location.

How to Set Up a Pressure Tank for Temporary Construction Water Supply

Properties in development do not always have access to established power. Fortunately, pressure tank systems, and the associated pumps, can be operated via generator until such time as the majority of the construction has been completed. 

Once the property is connected to a more permanent power source and is prepared to house storage tanks and other surface equipment, A-1 Arthur’s Well Service can easily transition the system with installation of the permanent equipment and connection to the well.

How Does a Pressure Tank System Work

A pressure tank system operates in a fairly simple, straightforward manner. Compressed air resides toward the top of the tank and exerts pressure on the water below. As the pump draws water from the source well and sends it to the pressure tank’s bottom, the water level rises. This causes an increase in the compression upon the air. 

When a PSI somewhere between 50-60 is attained, the pump will turn off preventing further water from entering the tank. At this point, acceptable water pressure is achieved to supply a steady, reliable flow of water for any required use. When the air pressure drops to somewhere around 30-40 PSI, the pump is signaled to restart, repeating the cycle once again.

With A-1 Arthur’s Well Service and its quality temporary construction water setup supply solutions, customers in the beautiful desert regions of Arizona don’t just attain water access. They also gain peace of mind knowing they can rely on dependable water systems and first-class service! If you are planning new construction for your home or business in Kingman, Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, Dolan Springs, Meadview, Hackberry, Mohave Valley, WikieUp, or Yucca, and need a reliable temporary water supply solution, contact A-1 Arthur’s Well Service for all your water needs.