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 Have you ever considered installing a solar well pump on your property? In the desert, water is life. Yet, living in Arizona high country or any of its many other remote rural locations can make pumping water from a local well the only reasonable option. Luckily, there are skilled, licensed companies like  A-1 Arthur’s Well Service to help you design, install, and maintain quality well systems on your land. Our courteous and efficient staff can even help you stay green and show the planet some love with our solar power well systems.


A Bright Idea

As developments in technology have advanced both solar power and traditional DC power, solar well systems have become a viable and practical solution for off-grid and remote living.  Production costs of solar panels have put solar well systems within economic reach for anyone seeking alternative energy sources. Whether you’re seeking to lower your electric bill or just want to start employing more clean energy, the reasons listed below will demonstrate many of the advantages installing a solar well system can provide.


No Batteries Required

You don’t even need access to local utilities when you choose a solar powered well system. While installation of a traditionally powered well eliminates the need for access to municipal water sources, or cumbersome and tedious transportation of critical water, homeowners still need to tap into a power source capable of running the requisite pumps. Often, remote locations can make access to city power grids difficult, if not altogether impossible. 

While some locations across the globe have tackled this issue by tapping into wind power, the maintenance of the needed windmills is a laborious and expensive venture. Enter solar powered well systems. Even with wells located hundreds of feet below the surface, the energy collected by the solar panels can generate enough power to power required pumps. Solar powered pumps eliminate the need for traditional power sources. 


Efficient and Powerful

When solar pumps first came onto the scene, their potential was far from realized. They were inefficient and required frequent maintenance, making them more of a novelty than a valid improvement for sustainable off-grid living.

Those first solar pumps pale in comparison to the high-powered pumps of today. Today’s systems require little maintenance and are consistently more efficient. 


Economically Sound

Solar well pump systems in past years also came with hefty dollar signs attached. The cost precluded most homesteaders from even considering solar energy as a solution for powering off-grid living. 

Technological advances have improved solar cell manufacturing, effectively making the total costs of a solar well pump system ten times less. This alone makes solar energy a reasonable economic option for those looking to power their well systems with sustainable, clean energy.

Solar well pumps have the added benefit of no continuous operating costs. A traditional pump costs you money each time it turns on. After it is installed, a solar well pump will run off the free solar energy continuously provided by the system’s panels for its entire lifespan. 


Easy Maintenance 

With few mechanical parts, solar panels provide a high degree of reliability. They also run with a near set-it-and-forget-it operation, needing little more than an occasional cleaning on an annual basis. 

The only part which should be replaced with sparing regularity is the pumping mechanism. Over time, this component of a solar well pump can degrade. To ensure optimum performance, it should be replaced approximately every five years or so. It is an inexpensive part, rarely costing above twenty dollars. It also does not require specific expertise to change, though any of our helpful staff at A-1 Arthur’s Well Service are happy to assist if needed.


Room for Growth

Besides helping you and the planet stay green, solar well pump systems also allow for system growth. The panels of a solar well pump system are modular. Should your needs outgrow your current system, the modular character incorporates easy add-ons ensuring that your solar well pump system can grow with you.

So, now that you see solar well pump systems offer efficient, reliable, consistent, and cost-effective power, let A-1 Arthur’s Well Service help you realize your clean, sustainable, off-grid living plans. We happily service Kingman, Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, Dolan Springs, Meadview, Hackberry, Mohave Valley, WikieUp, or Yucca. Our helpful and courteous staff are ready to help you live a brighter future.