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In the arid climate of Arizona’s desert highlands, basic water wells often serve as an essential source of clean and reliable water for many residents. With the limited water resources in the state, understanding the fundamentals of basic water wells is crucial. In essence, a water well is simply a hole drilled into the ground to access available groundwater which is then pumped to the surface for various uses. 

A water well can provide homeowners with a sustainable and cost-effective solution to meet their water needs. While this article will detail many of the key facts about basic water wells, experienced and reliable professionals like A-1 Arthur’s Well Service can walk you through the process to help you make the best-informed decisions about which basic well system will work best for you.   

Basic Well Parts

A survey of water well systems will reveal an array of choices. These systems vary in the type of equipment used, and in the amount of water produced. However, most basic water well systems are comprised of the same standard parts: a bored well, a submersible pump, an electrical feed, and a pressure tank.

Bored Well

Bored wells rank as perhaps the most common and reliable type of well you’ll find in Arizona. Why? Their adaptability to most landscapes is a key factor. Add in their reliability and you can see why this type of well is an attractive choice for homeowners. 

Submersible Pump 

The well pump, or water pump, is the most critical component of a well system. The pump draws water from the aquifer. Bored wells often use submersible pumps. These pumps push water upward where it is typically stored in a pressure tank until is it needed.


A string of pipe is used to lower the submersible down the well and will serve as the conduit for the water to travel to the surface. Typical residential systems will employ one-inch diameter pipe, but if more water production is required, the diameter used will be larger. Materials frequently seen in pipe construction for basic water well systems are PVC and galvanized steel.

Electrical Wire

Regardless of whether your pump is served by grid power or an off-grid power system like solar, wind, or generators, an electrical wire is needed to bring the resulting electricity down to the system’s pump.

Pressure Tank

A pressure tank is an essential component of a basic water well system. Its purpose is to provide instant access to well water, without manually engaging the well pump. It also reduces the frequency of the pump cycling on and off, which extends the lifespan of the pump.

Costs of Basic Well Systems

A variety of factors go into the final cost of a basic water well system. This includes factors such as depth, static level, recovery rate, and more. Excluding drilling costs, you can expect initial residential installations to start at about $1450. When additional features, such as storage tanks or booster pumps, are added, you can expect higher costs. If you are looking for a more specific quote, contact us. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in forming a detailed budget so there are no surprises.

Basic Water Well Service

Once you have your basic water well system installed, regular maintenance will ensure that your well gives you reliable service for many years. While there are a number of routine tasks well owners can perform to keep their well system running smoothly and reduce well repair costs, occasionally the need arises for professional maintenance. 


If you’re looking for professional well service in Mohave County, you can count on A-1 Arthur’s Well Service. Our customers are consistently pleased with our reasonable fees and prompt service.


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