a-1 arthurs emergency well service

Do you know the signs that you may need emergency well repair? Living in Arizona’s desert high country you are probably keenly aware of the need for water. However, traditional access, such as municipal water supply, is not always readily available. Water hauling is an option for those living off-grid but is not always the most economical option. That’s why many homesteaders turn to wells. Wells provide clean, reliable access to water for you and your family for years. Occasionally, however, things can go wrong, and you may need to call a professional well repair company. Some signs you might need help are obvious—like a dry tap—but others might not be quite as clear.

Water Isn’t Running

The most readily apparent sign you need emergency well repair is if your water is not running from the tap. While it may not be the most common emergency issue, a dry tap can impact your day-to-day living in a score of ways. We rely on running water for everything from drinking water to flushing. Talk about a day going down the drain! 

A few things could be the potential culprit to this particular water flow issue. It could be a natural phenomenon, such as an issue with the water table. Or you could be experiencing an issue with the well pump depth.  Sometimes there can be an issue with the power supply, like a local outage or blown fuse. And sometimes a pump has simply reached the end of its life cycle. Regardless of what the cause might be, lack of running water demands a call to a well service professional like A-1 Arthur’s Well Service. 

Low Water Pressure

Maybe you have water coming from your tap, but it’s more of a fickle trickle than a steady stream. This is a pretty good sign you have low water pressure. Several things can cause low pressure to occur. 

To begin with, you may need to check your pressure tank. A blown bladder or a flat tank can cause low PSI or flow. Next, turn off the power and check the pressure switch. This could be as simple as changing the setting, or it may just need a good cleaning—debris and dirt are not your friends. Finally, the switch may have failed altogether and need to be replaced. To find the exact reason for a diminished water flow, contact us.

A Constant Pump

Ron Howard may have “rocked around the clock,” but your well pump wasn’t meant to. The job of your system’s pressure switch is to serve as a cut-off once enough water has been drawn and pressurized to operate efficiently. Constant running will curtail the life expectancy of your pump. Not only that, but you will also see the extra drain on your wallet as your utility bills will be higher than normal. Should you observe your pump running constantly, call a well service company as soon as possible or face the double-whammy of an inflated utility bill along with a costly repair ticket.  

Unusual Pump Noises

Shake, rattle, and roll should only be sounds you hear from your classic vinyl—not your well pump. Odd noises coming from any machinery is generally not a good thing. Occasionally, debris can interfere with pump function causing unusual groans and mechanical bellyaching. It will need to be cleared as quickly as possible to avoid permanent damage to the equipment. Sometimes you may experience irregular water output such as spitting. This can happen when small bubbles interrupt the impeller, a phenomenon known as cavitation.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, make sure to call an experienced well repair contractor like A-1 Arthur’s Well Service as soon as possible. The longer you let it go, the more likely it is that your well or pump will suffer severe damage. Do be advised—while we do not have a 24-hour service, our friendly and efficient staff is on hand Monday through Friday as early as 6:00 AM to quickly address any concerns you might have. We happily service clients in Kingman, Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, Dolan Springs, Meadview, Hackberry, Mohave Valley, WikieUp, or Yucca, will always find a reliable partner with A-1 Arthur’s Well Service. Give us a call today.